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It’s 9/11 Again…

Oh My! It’s 20 Years since that day that within a few short years had changed the nature of our society and many peoples relationship between citizen and state. The dark absurdities that will be […]

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They can so easily take offence… Whilst delivering a session of something or other we were involved in a rambling conversation that covered topics diverse and wonderful and engaging and current. Current is Covid 19. […]

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My Dentist

I wrote to my dentist… On June 2nd is sent this to you and I have not had a response: ‘Hold on… Are you stating that you are happy to provide cosmetic treatments but not […]

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Jack Dorsey Is Evil

Banned from Twitter… It’s been a long time coming but knowing was coming I did… And good. That’s it for me and Twitter.  I’m in good company, Naomi Wolf, Mike Yeadon and a host of […]

What Would You Do?

What would you do If you noticed Someone like you At the edge Of your vision Hacking away At your senses Delivering hammer blows At all that You rely on? Imagine the familiar Perhaps family Maybe […]

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Covid Update

April in the UK was the LOWEST death rate EVER recorded for that month… Covid 19 in Wales is number 18 in the cause of death lists… Read the following…  ‘The crisis has stretched the […]


Every craggy man is my old man all aged flesh is his. Every stooping mum is my worn mum her aged flesh is his. Every ageing man is me, man mans ageing flesh is mine. […]


Licking at the plaster in a dance so heavy before bursting through the eyes. And I was. I danced  with the rage of volcanoes as I consumed All I am Heathcliffe. I am Cathy. I […]