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Turn And Stop

There had been no debate. He knew nothing.   Life must stop for him, her friend, her companion.   For I love you no more she said, she firmly said.   And I am leaving […]


In Modern Politics and Government, Ball and Peters state ‘Politics arises from disagreements and conflicting interests, and those differences arise from a number of sources’ (Ball and Peters, 2005 p.28). This statement is an attempt […]


In the weeks preceding the Speech on Liberty, delivered on the 25th October 2007, Gordon Browns leadership was under close scrutiny. Following speculation and his dithering regarding calling an early general election during a period of decreasing poll […]


He walked alone in the city, which was like somewhere out of a film or a dream. But it wasn’t. A film or a dream. The stone he could touch, the rain stuck his hair […]


To start with I do not deny – positively – the conventional explanation of ‘up and down’, or, for that matter, the concept of ‘left and right’, the understanding of ‘in and out’, or, even, […]

High Street

There are trees on the High Street. And people too. The trees stand still, although high up, where they reach for the sun, where they hold up the birds, they wave. And the people move, […]

Imagine This

Imagine this: You’re standing on a bank and the waves rise up right on time, then, when they’ve crested, suddenly they stop, they freeze solid. You turn around and behind you the happy crowds at […]


I am haunted by the dead, by the living. I am haunted by those that have never been. I see glimpses in the shadows, hear voices in running water. I prepare for sleep with the […]

We Live Together

I drift now, from doorway to doorway, gazing through windows into the warmly lit houses, all changed. We all do, on occasion. But it wasn’t always like this, this life spent in the shadows. Once […]

Those And Me

My first collection of poetry, self published to great acclaim, even if I do say so myself 😉 If you want a signed copy Contact Me and I will send you a link to pay […]