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Another Dream

I’ve not dreamt her maybe for four years the four shared years with the other her. But the other’s past and she’s back She’s at my back She’s back at last She serves up lies […]


When she left me I was left in my loft room. Wooded walls were a pine brown tomb and though I called from my sleep through the ether to her hallowed halls only sometimes did […]

Where We Should Be

I never took you To the places That I wanted to Show you Time moved away And another day A second chance Has never been I now go alone To the us spaces and you’re […]

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Rambling Arguments Against Universal Basic Income As an old socialist my knee jerk is to be wholly in favour of Universal Basic Income, that minimum for life state hand out that is on point and […]

The Jewel Of Ullapool

I arrived needy, wanting. I was thirsty for all. For all things glittering. I had been nine days… And so I showered, swiftly soaping off the wilderness. I ate, and I drank. I chatted to Glasgow […]

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Huw Wrote Back

Yes, Huw wrote to me on a Sunday, not because he was keen to do the right thing but because I threatened him personally with a small claim in Cardiff Courts. He said he would […]

Her Time

The clock stopped at 12.17 the time when she invited me to see her vision of scenes that she wanted me to be painted on but not in. But I wasn’t OK with that and in […]

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Mark Drakeford

I sent an email to Drakeford. I expect to get back a link to the Welsh Assembly’s Coronavirus information page. I was incensed by the lack of science in the recent statement and importantly the […]