Category: Poetry


And I remember Our last summer. Me waiting for you To grow into you The re-birthed you With the new hair Adult asymmetric With that new walk Professional mimic With your new talk From lips ceramic […]

Holly Is Laura

Back in the day Those days When I was broken I found someone Newly mended And so I pretended I tried to be strong And my song I silently sang She lived in Wimbledon And […]

Sticking Plaster

Plaster Or a plaster Both will stick Both will screed Over gaping wounds On a once smooth wall Or on a once smooth skin But where is that plaster-er That mends most anything? That kind cavity wall grafter […]


Tall and tanned she bent forwards before me. Adjusting her bag, unaware her top was revealing breasts brown on white. White on brown I could only look and remember. I wanted to have her.  I […]

Old Man

I saw in his eye a glint, a shinning. Something held fast that still sparked for him. But he was old with valleyed skin too deep to walk in and his eyes oozed a salty […]


I’m just there, higher, like standing. I view lands fertile and balming. I watch waves arcing and breaking, and I sway, shudder, with feeling, as I grin,  laughing, it’s inviting. with arms wide, reaching I’m moving. Close in now, clearly […]

The Hardening

She walks up the path no more But I hear kitten heals on slates Laid as sediments of sentiment Ash from the fire of our passion Now a compressed folio of love She opens up the door no […]

The Beautiful

And mostly I think on the darkness, the craven, the barren. I think on the bitterness. And I empty. But that vase I sometimes fill with fragrant roses and wild stems, fresh, with heads blooming, bursting bold. And until […]

Sufjan Stevens

I love you now when you visit for tiny tall tales and paisley sights, as time is inhaled, as I inhale night. But… Do you know what you did when you said while sat at the desk […]


What Is the point in anything? I have tried but I Do not understand and I think and think on but the thinking realises no reasonable solution. And how could it? I do not have the […]