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Where We Should Be

I never took you To the places That I wanted to Show you Time moved away And another day A second chance Has never been I now go alone To the us spaces and you’re […]

The Jewel Of Ullapool

I arrived needy, wanting. I was thirsty for all. For all things glittering. I had been nine days… And so I showered, swiftly soaping off the wilderness. I ate, and I drank. I chatted to Glasgow […]

Her Time

The clock stopped at 12.17 the time when she invited me to see her vision of scenes that she wanted me to be painted on but not in. But I wasn’t OK with that and in […]


My pencil penned poems I’ve torn into flakes, now a tattered jigsaw scattered by my gently opening palm. Those musings. My emotions. That descriptive prose passage. And oh, the rhyme… Now… Time bound spindrift, floor bound ghosts. […]

Unfinished 1

I raged with her against the filth, at the man. She didn’t believe in anything, or in me. She didn’t trust But she told me everything. She had me guilty For being me. Me, a […]

She Laughs

Her nose Unlike any other Yet perfect Placed ideally Twitches Deforms   Her eyes Not saucers Not full stops Like lasers Beaming Piercing   Her mouth Creased edges Lips damp Swollen pink Arcing Open   […]


Each time we meet I sniff her shoulder A safe place to greet her A safe place to smell   She reminds me of love Those scents I inhale Those life saving hugs but I’m […]

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Her lifeless, pock  marked  face, eternally  gazes  blue  green, greedy  for  neighbourly  beauty. She  litter’s  dreamscapes  with  her pall,[…]

Army Man

Stumbling, glaring, booze rich haze triggering, clench fisted posturing. Puffed out chest under designer. Parrot Display your power. Attract your women. Attack soft target. Wanker.


Thesaurus is the magnitude of tome a precocious youth may perchance prefer, expecting to attain mature comprehension of dinosaurus that garrison the reveries of salad days.   Thesaurus is not such a treatise but an unimaginative, […]