Category: Poetry

Directed At You

You are to blame. You Yes, you.   You who sit there, Placid Dead With your eyes open but shut   With your ears hearing, but, but   With all words sleeping Yes, you.   […]

Winters Fingers

Decay caresses our senses, wildly flirting, dripping brown from wilted stems as growth stalls. The last blooms are fading, leaves are blankets falling, and countrywide we shudder as winter calls.   For this is the […]

Fuck Off

Stop knocking my door. I know, you know I’m in. Can’t you understand, I’m out. There it goes again brass on brass. You’re brassy.  I’ll grant you that.  Can’t you understand. I’m… Stop knocking my […]


It’s cold Cold hearth Stone cold Cold heart Once hot Hot bed Red hot Hot head

In Preperation For Another Working Day

Breakfast is what we want. Off really that cafes don’t open till 7.30 am. Waiting… OPEN! I watch her eat eggs. Scrambled. Quickly downing builders tea in dry mouthed thirsty gulps making time to clean […]


Her flesh shone through with a sun bright light And she screamed her last She was dry Paper memories Scaly notes.

It’s Fun To Dream

I dream of elephants drenching constabulary, a blue force in abject shock stare pleadingly at me.   Fantasy sycophants lacking vocabulary, mouths aghast then, from mammoth cocks a semen tsunami.   Splashing and crashing arbitrarily, […]

Their First Time

She lay on the bed wanting him, oh, so wanting him. His tongue stuck to her back, gently gliding down her spine, over the soft downy hair, the warm damp skin, sliding over the heat […]

A Big Fat One

I am in the hills, far from shops and have tobacco for one thin fag. It will be a full day or two before I  buy more. Then I’ll make a big fat rolly to […]


Rowan, my canine companion is a lurcher fast and golden. She’s oh so attractive to all well trained, she answers her call.   Her waking life is beside me, be it mountain, river or sea […]