Category: Poetry

The Recovery

She was snow light; she shone by his side. He was coal black. He was wolf pack.   Her soul was sharp; she slashed at his senses.   He was icy hearth. He was fake […]


In the melting ice I witness, I witness loss of frozen form, form once elegance shaped, shaped as frigid violence. With each chilly drip I ache, I ache harder than ever before, before the spell […]


What’s that all about? Just talking to a stranger A big nose I mean Chatting Not rocket science Is it?

From A Train

Within the razor sharp tangle of snake pit thick growth rise vigorous rods with limbs bursting green from industrial planter of breeze block drab walls, once home for engines growl and worker’s sweat. Shouting they’re busy […]

Never Getting Away

He runs from his room, down the stairs,  and out, into the night. Faster and faster he flies, through forest, leaf mould and moonlight. And there at his heals, close, snapping, a lifetime of fright. […]

Green Fish

Dream me up, I’m all but gone, all but the sludge of me that you feed upon. Suck me up, filter my remains, while crab claws clash, my funerary refrain. Eat me up, take me […]


She said that the best time to drink it was morning. When it is good and strong.                 Concentrated She said that I should not leave it long […]

Dream 3

I woke sobbing knowing she was with me. I was  happy to cry as she lay there, beside me. But I  lost her as I  slowly turned She was,  wasn’t she? With me?


I tied her to the kitchen table, I bound her legs and arms, her wrists and thighs. I gagged her mouth, taped over her eyes.   I watched her lying stretched and prone. She was […]

I Took Her Advice

Vocalise your anger she said. It’s not good to hold it within. Display your emotions she said. Don’t be afraid  to show feelings. So I did. And she left.