The Hardening

She walks up the path no more But I hear kitten heals on slates Laid as sediments of sentiment Ash from the fire of our passion Now a compressed folio of love She opens up the door no […]

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I really can’t be arsed to comment on this. It just continues to come in, I guess the floodwaters have been surging and any dam or dyke or wall or ditch have by now been […]

The Beautiful

And mostly I think on the darkness, the craven, the barren. I think on the bitterness. And I empty. But that vase I sometimes fill with fragrant roses and wild stems, fresh, with heads blooming, bursting bold. And until […]

Sufjan Stevens

I love you now when you visit for tiny tall tales and paisley sights, as time is inhaled, as I inhale night. But… Do you know what you did when you said while sat at the desk […]


What Is the point in anything? I have tried but I Do not understand and I think and think on but the thinking realises no reasonable solution. And how could it? I do not have the […]

Another Dream

I’ve not dreamt her maybe for four years the four shared years with the other her. But the other’s past and she’s back She’s at my back She’s back at last She serves up lies […]


When she left me I was left in my loft room. Wooded walls were a pine brown tomb and though I called from my sleep through the ether to her hallowed halls only sometimes did […]

Where We Should Be

I never took you To the places That I wanted to Show you Time moved away And another day A second chance Has never been I now go alone To the us spaces and you’re […]